Leveraging Lean UX to Lead Successful Agile Design Teams

The old waterfall approach (and its scrum-friendly variants) to design and development is dead. The new way is a collaborative, continuous cycle of concepting, delivering, learning, and iterating. In this workshop Jeff Gothelf will show you how to use product discovery practices to build a stronger collaboration with product development teams. Challenge current ways of working to improve the integration of UX and Design in the Agile process. You will develop management strategies to ensure UX is present in every product conversation and ensure cross-functional collaboration is present at the leadership level.


The day in details

During the first half of the day, you’ll work individually and in small groups to understand how Lean UX should work by defining work as a problem statement to solve, declaring assumptions, writing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), forming hypotheses, creating proto-personas, brainstorming opportunities, and designing experiments using “the two key questions” method. In the afternoon, you’ll use these same techniques to identify your current challenges implementing and leading a Lean UX practice in your organization and define ways to improve them along with clear, human-centric measures of success (OKRs).


You’ll see how to

  • Implement OKRs successfully and use this goal-setting technique to ensure Lean UX happens in every initiative.
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration based on real data.
  • Structure experiments to test your hypotheses and continuously iterate.
  • Implement Lean UX in a way your development and leadership teams can buy into.
  • Use the ideas of continuous learning and iteration to change how you lead your design teams.
  • Use behavior–not just for customers but for your team too–to determine how well the process is working and what needs to change.
  • Lead the adoption of customer-centered practices in your company’s Agile process.


Focus relentlessly on outcomes

Collaborate on building a customer-centric backlog of features by forming assumptions and testing hypotheses.


When and where

1st of October 2019, Magna Pars, Via Tortona 15, Milan



Jeff Gothelf


Jeff Gothelf

Jeff is a organizational designer & agile practitioner. He is a leading voice on the topics of Agile UX & Lean UX and a highly sought-after international speaker. He is the co-author of ”Lean UX: Applying lean principles to improve user experience” and of the upcoming Harvard Business book Sense and Respond. 

Over his nearly 20 years in digital products and services Jeff has worked to bring a customer-centric, evidence-based approach to product strategy, design and leadership.